Third Graders Ace Easiest Test of Giving

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Teach a child to read and write and they’ll pass a test.

Teach a child to care, and the reward is something you’ll never see coming.

A field trip for 20 kids in Evansville comes with a lesson far beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Resurrection 3rd graders donate a truckload of supplies and pages of their favorite books for an experience they asked for, with a payoff they never expected.

“We saw other people doing it and we thought it was cool,” says Emma Kramer, who led the charge for her class. “They were just making people happy and we wanted to do the same.”

Taking heed, the advice of a motivational speaker who visited the school four months ago, Emma and her classmates answered the call to go out and good something good.”

“Pillows, blankets, sheets, towels, hand towels, and clothes,” she says of their haul brought to Ozanam Family Shelter, to make this haven a home.

For someone like Cindi Thurman, who’s celebrating her exit day, simple donations may do more than the kids ever know.

“It’s not every day you see kids, especially third graders getting together and doing the donations and helping other people.”

An unconventional afternoon spent bettering the lives of people — and pets.

Two sets of ears with twice as many legs hop around as an audience for Maddox Beard, with one of his favorite stories. Gifts of time and talent are the easiest test.

“It’s about a little boy,” he says, “she says she’ll love him no matter what.”

If you read to an animal, will it listen? If you teach a child to care, do they give? If you inspire the down and out, can they come back?

The answer, these kids found, is an overwhelming yes.

“It’s your turn to make a difference,” Kramer says.

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