Three People Arrested for Alleged Child Abuse, Neglect

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Three people are behind bars facing child abuse and other charges.

Evansville Police arrested Keith Crotti, April Goodman and Joshua Kuhlenschmidt on Sunday after a two-year-old child received head trauma and bruises while allegedly under their supervision.

Investigators believe the child’s injuries happened on May 26, but no one sought help for the child until the 30th.

On the 26th, police say Crotti, 24, used methamphetamine while alone with the child. Crotti told police he blacked out, and woke up to find the injuries on the child. The mother – April Goodwin, 33 – was at work the time of the injuries, but came home on the 27th.

Police also detemined that Joshua Kuhlenschmidt, 29, was at the house in the days following the injuries.

Medical examination of the child revealed head, scalp and face, as well as bruises on his neck and torso.

All three face child abuse and child neglect charges for failing to seek medical attention for the child. Goodman also faces drug charges.

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