Tin Fish brings Sharon Place back from ashes

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Six years ago, a fire destroyed Newburgh’s Sharon Place shopping center and since then a concrete slab is all that remained. Neighbors rumored of its development, but not until now has anything been done.

This spring has finally brought new life to the corner just a few blocks from the heart of town.

“I got the call at 2:37,” says Mike Kishline. It’s an early morning seared into his mind forever.

It was November 24, 2012 and Small Business Saturday. Kishline had extra inventory in The Rug Gallery for a big weekend of shopping. “I got word the shopping center was on fire,” he remembers.

Kishline was there in minutes to watch the store and 600 rugs go up in smoke as most of the Sharon Place shopping did too. Fire destroyed almost everything and brought the little business sector to the ground.

“It was horrific,” says Kishline.

Ashes from that night are long gone. Debris was swept away, and people moved on. But after 6 years of nothing, something is moving in.

It’s hard to imagine after all these years Morgan Castillo would call it home. She remembers seeing the aftermath on that corner by the American Legion.

Back then she was doing a lot of what she’s doing now running the Tin Fish restaurant. Little did she know then; the charred husk of Sharon Place would give way to her biggest business move.

She’s leaving her spot on West Jennings Street and swimming 5 blocks north to the corner of Sharon and State. The new restaurant will have a party space and a fresh seafood market, along with a few commercial spaces for lease.

“I don’t want to just plop something in there that will fit my needs, I want it to look good and be part of the community,” says Castillo, “that’s a big thing for me.”

Construction started this week and Castillo hopes to open the new restaurant in the fall. Once it opens, the current restaurant in downtown will close.

“I’m part of the community,” she says.

Castillo will tell you Newburgh built the Tin Fish. Now it’s her turn to build Newburgh.

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(This story was originally published April 12, 2018)

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