Tiny Newburgh House May Get New Home

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It’s tiny, but to some Newburgh residents, it’s mighty. A little brick building in Newburgh is hoping to be preserved. Now, Newburgh residents are coming together to help preserve a little piece of of the town’s past.

Nobody even knew it was there until something devastating happened, it was reborn. Now people are hoping they can save this little building on West Jennings Street for good.

In every small town, there’s always a little piece of the past. Along West Jennings Street in Newburgh, there’s a little brick building that’s a part of this town’s history.

“Originally it was a little white home that sat there and it was when they were tearing down the home that it was exposed,” Newburgh resident Melinda Mitchell said.

Jim Renne says the building dates back to the 1840’s. He says it was covered by a house until a fire happened and it was made visible and a local resident restored the little brick building with the remains.

“A piece of history that dates to the very early founding of your town I think is nice to preserve,” he said.

Renne and various Newburgh residents have asked the town for help.

“The town council has said if you can come up with the money to save the building, we will give you a spot to put it,” Renne said. “One is the trail head which would be welcome to our quaint for our little town greeting and the second option is the Old Lock and Dam.”

There’s options already filling Renne’s mind on what to do with it, but they aren’t cheap.

“One of the actual physical moving of the structure and that can be a range of $40,000 to $55,000. Another option we had was destructing it brick by brick rebuilding it,” Renne said.

The property’s new owners hope to build another structure. They’re giving Renne and other people interested in rehabbing the building a year to move it.

“Throughout communities historic buildings are destroyed all the time and not taken care of so this is just something that is a little jewel in our town,” Mitchell said.

The bricks the home is built of may eventually have a new address, but its history will remain.

Donations to help with the cost of restoring the building are being collected at Historic Newburgh Incorporated. They are serving as the nonprofit organization so that donations can be tax deductible. Currently, they’ve raised $300. 

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