Tipster in Henderson dog burning case to receive reward


HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) For providing information that helped land a 10-year prison sentence in a lethal cruelty-to-animals case, an anonymous tipster will receive a check from PETA. Bryan Matthews received five years for animal torture and five years for arson. He will serve the sentences consecutively.

The anonymous tipster will receive $4,000 from PETA.

Bryan Matthews, Jr., Source: Henderson County Detention Center

According to a police report, on June 6, 2020, Gina Howard noticed her dog, Duke was missing. She believes he got out while relatives were visiting. That same day, Matthews’ girlfriend told officers she saw Duke running around at Matthews’ father’s home on Washington Street, about a block from where the dog went missing.

She said she later went home to Cambridge Pointe Apartments where she saw Matthews giving the dog a bath. After noticing the dog had fleas, she told Matthews to get rid of the dog. Matthews left with Duke and returned 20 minutes later, saying he dropped the dog off on Washington Street.

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