INDOT says the traffic signals at 41 and Washington are now working


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, the new traffic signals at Washington and HWY 41 are now live and operational. The lights had been out for nearly 24 hours and drivers had been treating the intersection as a four-way stop.

On Tuesday, crews began work on updating the traffic signals to allow more time for pedestrians to cross. But, there was a coding issue. INDOT says the software model showed the coding would work, but once crews tried to install it Tuesday, it didn’t work.

This is being done in advance of a future planned pedestrian crossing project. Because the signal timings are being changed to allow for more time for pedestrians to cross, this could indicate longer wait times.

These are the other traffic changes at the intersection:

  • U.S. 41 Southbound and Northbound: The right turn movement from U.S. 41 to Washington Avenue will no longer be allowed on a red light. New signal heads have been added to warn drivers of the new right turn movement.
  • Washington Avenue Eastbound: A signal has been added for left turn movements onto U.S. 41 The left turn will yield while the signal is green, and a signal has been added for right turn movements as well.
  • Washington Avenue Westbound: The lane configuration has been changed to left only in the left lane, through movements only in the middle lane and right turns only in the right lane. This is different from the previous configuration where right turns and through movements were allowed in the right lane. Left turns will yield while the signal is green. A signal has been added for left and right turns onto U.S. 41.

(This story was originally published on April 14, 2021)

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