(WEHT)- While this year featured the usual amount of ghosts and goblins roaming the streets, hoping to scare up some candy, this was anything but the usual Halloween in the Tri-State.

Some people, like Henderson man Reggie Crowley found ways to deliver candy on Saturday, including Crowley’s drill-powered ghost.

We could not, not have Halloween so we came up with a contraption to hook up to a cordless drill to deliver the candy to the kids on the sidewalk and pull it back and put the candy in the bucket and they still get their candy and be able to have fun on Halloween.

Reggie Crowley

Some Tri-State families had to alter plans but they’re still not letting COVID-19 get in the way of family fun.

This year, my husband and I will be skipping a pretty big party every year because it’s a lot of adult people, it’s a big crowd so that’s unfortunate but we’re still not letting it ruin family fun

Heather Ditzer

In Evansville, the Igleheart family used Easter eggs, color coordinated for Halloween, to let their kids still experience Halloween safely and another Evansville family, the Burkes, stepped up their Halloween display, using upwards of 20,000 lights to power their neighborhood display. Josh Burke says he will begin taking down his display Sunday as he gets ready for his Christmas display.

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(This story was originally published on October 31, 2020)