Tri-State lawmakers talk about death of Colin Powell


(WEHT) – Representatives in the Tri-State are remembering former Joint Chiefs chairman and secretary of state Colin Powell after his death on Monday.


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“I am saddened by the news of Colin Powell’s passing. I will be praying for his family, he was a faithful husband and a devoted father.

“Powell was a selfless patriot, a dignified statesman, and a pioneer. As a public servant, Powell embodied the meaning of duty, honor, and country. He uplifted the institutions he touched by serving others.

“Powell left behind a legacy of unimpeachable integrity. May his example of statesmanship continue to mentor this and future generations to recall how true public leaders lead a nation.” – Indiana Senator Todd Young


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“America has lost a trailblazing leader with the passing of Colin Powell. It is hard to imagine a more quintessentially American story: A son of Jamaican immigrants who learned Yiddish from his boyhood neighbors in the Bronx becomes a four-star General in the United States Army and serves four presidential administrations, including as National Security Advisor, the youngest-ever Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the first Black Secretary of State.

“As a young officer, General Powell rendered brave and distinguished service on the front lines. As a senior leader, he helped four presidents protect our nation, represent us on the world stage, and chart our course through uncertain and turbulent times that included the dawn of a new century and the beginning of our global war on terrorists who will not leave America alone even if we leave them alone. Today we remember and honor a man who truly dedicated his entire life to serving his country.” – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell



“Today, our nation mourns the passing of General Colin Powell, a man who lived an amazing American journey. General Powell showed the country how we could make an impact if we hold onto what we believe in.

“He was the child of Jamaican immigrants, educated at public schools in New York City, where he fell in love with history and politics. He turned this love into passionate service to our country, becoming a four-star general, the first Black Secretary of State, and a trusted advisor to U.S. Presidents from both parties.

“General Powell earned many awards and honors, but above all, we must remember his ideals about service to a country working to be its best, just, and equitable for all residents. His legacy will live on for the best and brightest who join our military and the children of immigrants who will know that great things are possible in this country. He exemplified what it means to strive for the American Dream and work to ensure others can make their dreams come true, too. May we lean on each other and heal from this incredible loss as a nation by following his lead.” – Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton

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