Tri-State native reflects on 2018 Hurricane Michael


WWEHT)- Wednesday night Wayne Hart spoke with Alexus Medina who lived through Hurricane Michael, a category five hurricane that hit Panama City back in October of 2018.
She now lives in Homosassa, Florida. We’re seeing a similar scenario playing out on the southwestern coast of Louisiana with Hurricane Laura.

Wayne: Thanks for joining us, Alexis. Let’s go back to October of 2018. You lived in Panama City you had this category for and of course, it turned into a five hurricane coming your way.
You stayed to tell us what you experienced when Michael went through. So I was there until the night before hurricane Michael actually hit so I left Tuesday night and it fell landfall Wednesday afternoon ish. Okay, so you did evacuate ahead of time. And they did you probably a good thing because when you went back home What did you find?

ALEXUS: it was, I found just total disaster. Trees knocked down houses taken away roughs gone. damage and the street trash and debris just was everywhere. It was unrecognizable, really hard to tell where you were or where you were going, where home was what street we were on. It was a complete disaster.

WAYNE: And the peak winds at Tyndall Air Force Base not too far from where your home was where it was around 160 miles per hour. So you had the wind and you also have storm surge. How did the storm surge get into your home at all?

ALEXUS: It did not it did get downtown at was ended about two blocks from where we lived. So fortunately, we didn’t have any of the flooding. But all of our most of our neighbors and all of the businesses that were downtown, they all had the storm surge.

WAYNE: Okay. And I’m sure you’ve had a chance to see the conditions just to your East in Mexico beach where I guess the eye itself went onshore.

ALEXUS: Right. Yeah, that was that was completely gone to it was just, again, unrecognizable. It was really hard to tell what was what were where you were.

WAYNE: Well, fortunately, up here in the tri state we never have to deal with a direct hit but having gone through that compared to say a tornado. I don’t know if you’ve ever lived through a tornado but obviously this is something you don’t want to have to deal with again.

ALEXUS: Absolutely not. Yes, I lived in Evansville and I went there plenty of the tornadoes there.
And it is different for sure. But any natural disaster is not one that no one should have to go through. You know, you want to be prepared and be as safe as possible. But hurricane Michael definitely tops all the natural disasters that I’ve been through.

WAYNE: Alright, Alexus Medina, thank you so much for joining us tonight. And unfortunately, a similar situation playing out on the coast of southwestern Louisiana, and South East Texas could rival Michael we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out. Thank you very much for joining us, Alexus.

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(This story was originally published on Aug. 26, 2020)

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