People across the country gather to remember the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

Wednesday marks 50 years since Dr. King was shot and killed at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. 

For many, it’s hard to believe it was 50 years ago because for many it feels like yesterday. 

Pastor Amaiiah Mcintosh says, “I remember April 4th was the day Dr. Martin Luther King was gunned down. I remember grieving that day.”

The University of Evansville commemorated his memory with a ceremony at Neu Chapel five decades since that tragic day in Memphis on April 4,1968. 

Robert Dion, Chairman for the department of law, politics and society says, “This is really a chance to come together with people of all ages and all backgrounds to reflect and consider what he wanted this country to be and to do and things we can do to make that dream more of a reality.”

Ray Kessler, who is from Mount Vernon says, “Dr. King was such a special person we have not met anybody like him since that time so it’s important for me to be here.”

A moment of silence marked the exact minutes Dr. King was killed. 

“He means a lot to me so I want to respect his memory,” Kessler says. 

“We want to commemorate and remember what he stood for what he died for and how we pick up the mantel and how we run with it from here,” Mcintosh says. 

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(This story was originally published April 4, 2018)