EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- They say that getting there is half the fun of a vacation, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anything fun about rising gas prices. With prices nearing or reaching past $5 per gallon, Tri-Staters are trying to find ways to save at the pump.

Karen Dougherty says it gets worse every time she goes to the gas station, but it’s a necessity to get back and forth from work. Before the price hike, Dougherty says she usually spent $40 to fill up her car, while she still tries to spend that same amount now, she says it won’t fill up her tank. Dougherty adds that people may need to give something up to afford gas.

With prices soaring, AAA is offering tips to save money on gas– including paying in cash, carpooling, and staying at a constant speed while driving. At the same time, some Tri-State drivers are trying to find a bargain. Elisha Barrett says a coworker recommended Upside- an app that helps drivers save money on each gallon of gas they buy. Nowadays, Barrett says every dollar counts amid high inflation and bills.