Tri-Stater Breaks Guiness World Record in Burpee Pull-Ups


Some say he’s superman, others call him coach, but Sunday he holds a world record title for the 6th time. 

“To me he’s just the ultimate warrior,” Casey Combest says. 

Since January, 49-year-old Bob O’Brien has trained to set the world record in burpee pull-ups.

“I’m very confident,” O’Brien says. “I knew I was going to do it I just didn’t know the number or what my body was going to give me.”

After an hour, the training paid off in the old Owensboro high school gym.

“When you get up against the wall everybody has a line they don’t want to go beyond and I went beyond it today and that always pushes the line further the next time,” O’Brien says. 

“All the sore muscles and bloody blisters and hands today it was worth it,” girlfriend Brandy Johnson says. 

O’Brien’s passion for doing something no one else has done before is what inspires him, and his athletes are his motivation.

“It’s motivating to hear my athletes my former athletes and my friends here just root me on,” O’Brien says. 

“He’s good at pushing us and it’s just a good chance for us to push him so he can get his goals too,” Johnson says. 

They cheer on each other like cheerleaders and train like athletes, but no matter what they are each others biggest fans.

O’Brien says his goal was 400 and he completed 412.

He says he plans to train to set another world record next summer.

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