EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Last week, Hugo Avila got the call that his cousin Elsa was shot in the Texas school shooting. Avila is a Uvalde native who now lives in Evansville and his cousin is a teacher at Robb Elementary School. Elsa Avila was shot twice in the stomach during the shooting and has been in the ICU. Hugo says she is recovering, but doesn’t know all that happened.

“To my knowledge, she has no idea of what happened,” said Hugo Avila. “She just wasn’t aware of the amount of the massacre.”

He said she is out of intensive care and is starting to be able to eat again. He said she is lucky to even be alive.

“She wouldn’t be alive if the bullet hadn’t gone through the wall first,” added Hugo. “Because apparently [the shooter] was shooting through the door and through the wall.”

Nine-year-old Daniel Garza, a student of Elsa Avila, recounted on what happened inside the classroom during the shooting.

“[Ms. Avila] ran to the door quickly,” Garza said. “She got her key, she broke the key in and then she was running because she got shot and then she just like dropped on the floor and then she was like playing dead.”

Garza said he could see the shooter trying to get in. He said he was staring at the people inside the classroom and tapping on the window. Garza said Elsa Avila was telling her students to stay down, get under the tables and play dead. Just as Garza says his teacher saved his life, she says her students were also heroes.

“The kids were telling her stay awake, stay awake, don’t close your eyes,” added Hugo Avila. “So it’s amazing that the kids are even the kids were consciously smart enough, wise enough to tell her all these things and be alert.”