Tri-Staters come together in vigil for peace


In the wake of the tragedy that happened in Texas, candles were lit Monday night at a local church remembering everyone affected. 

“Loss of life is horrible no matter where it’s at,” Robert Head from Evansville says. 

It happened more than 1,000 miles away. But it feels too close to home for the people sitting in St. Boniface Church. 

“How close it can be sometimes for all of us that you just never know when your time might come up,” Deacon David Seibert says. 

St. Boniface Church, located on Evansville’s west side held a prayer vigil for those affected by the mass shooting in Texas. 

“Even here in Evansville, Indiana something like this can happen so we appreciate the fact it hasn’t but we also want to pray for those affected by it,” Seibert says. 

“Things that have been happening in our country are unsettling and it gets disturbing to people,” Head says. 

It’s a tragedy that leaves some wondering about security in a house of God. 

Church member Terri Scheller says, “It’s just kind of scary to think you can’t even go to church without having to worry about somebody doing something like that.”

Some say no matter what security there is in place, anything could happen.

“What’re you going to do have security guards standing out the church with the wands like they do in courthouses? That’s just not fathomable,” Head says. 

Others show no fear. 

But in a time of loss and tragedy, sometimes no words speak the loudest. 

Church goers say with the violent attacks happening in the U.S., Monday’s vigil gave them a place to be able to come together.

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(This story was originally published November 6, 2017)

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