Tri-Staters start reporting sightings of Brood X cicadas


OHIO COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) – After 17 years of hibernating, some Tri-Staters say the latest cicada brood is surfacing in some counties.

Much of the Tri-State will be able to see, and hear the cicadas for the next two months.

You couldn’t hear much in some parts of Ohio county today outside of birds or traffic passing in the distance. But some Tri-Staters say they can already hear the Brood X cicadas.

“It’s annoying, which I think I already heard some,” said Bob Wilson, who thought he heard some near his home northwest of Hartford Sunday night.

“I was hearing as I was sitting on the back porch. We kept hearing something. It’s possible they’re here, but there aren’t many here yet,” he recalled.

Other residents in Ohio County, along with Daviess County and Perry County, Indiana, say they’re starting to see the cicadas emerge, and they have the pictures to prove it. Some UK Cooperative Extension Office agents around the Tri-State say they haven’t got any reports from residents, but those in Henderson and Hancock Counties say they’ve gotten a few reports. While residents in Ohio County are already reporting seeing and hearing the cicadas, U.K. College of Agriculture, Food and Environment officials say they’re more likely to appear bordering Tennessee and in counties along the Ohio River.

“We’ll see some in Ohio County as well, but probably not as many as we get closer to the river,” said Greg Comer of the U.K. Cooperative Extension Office in Ohio County.

Purdue University Extension officials say the cicadas will appear all over Indiana, while University of Illinois officials say they’ll surface in east central Illinois counties. Comer says Kentucky’s statewide numbers won’t be large, but the insects could still be making their presence known in the commonwealth most of the summer..

“We may see a few of them still emerge as they call them ‘Stragglers’, even through July and August, but the biggest numbers will be in May and June,” he explained.

(This story was originally published on May 17, 2021)

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