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Trial Date Set for Man Accused in Aleah Beckerle Case

A trial date has been set in the case against the man accused of kidnapping and murdering Aleah Beckerle. Roach appeared in court Tuesday afternoon for a review hearing where attorneys on both sides tangled over the evidence in the case.

A trial date was set for Terrence Roach, but the date hinges on whether the prosecution and defense can iron out some disagreements over the evidence in the case.

Family members of Aleah, including her mother Cara, were in attendance for Roach's review hearing.

Roach is accused of kidnapping Beckerle from her home in July of 2016 before taking her to an abandoned house in the 1600 block of South Bedford where she later died.

Her remains were found in March of 2017.

During Tuesday's hearing, Roach's attorney said it wasn't until Tuesday that he received the report from the autopsy done on Aleah's remains. The autopsy report was completed in early April, Grampp said.

Gramp said he was also concerned with apparently not receiving the forensic testing results done on some of the evidence collected at the South Bedford crime scene.

The state said there's a reason for that. The state said it couldn't send those materials off to the state crime lab because it was waiting on a signed court order to collect a sample of Terrence Roach's DNA. The judge said Tuesday afternoon that he would immediately sign that court order.

That DNA sample could be used as a comparison to possible DNA collected at the crime scene.

""It's hard for me to believe that [the prosecution] would wait and not have done anything until they get a court order. I also find it very ironic they file a motion to seal the autopsy reports... and then file a motion today, this morning apparently, to have them unsealed," Grampp said. "This is really not something that we should be going through in an important case."

The prosecution said it cannot comment on any of Grampp's allegations because it's a pending case.

Roach is scheduled to go on trial January 8, 2018.

(This story was originally published on July 11, 2017)

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