NATIONAL (WEHT) – Some local Tri-State lawmakers released statements in regard to President Biden’s State of the Union address.


Congressman Brett Guthrie

“The true State of the Union is that our county is facing crisis after crisis under President Biden’s leadership. The federal government’s out-of-control spending and the Biden Administration’s war on American-made energy are fueling the sky-high inflation that is forcing families to make hard financial decisions. President Biden has failed to get the border under control, which is connected to his failure to effectively address the fentanyl crisis that is killing young Americans in record numbers.

“In the first weeks of the new House Republican majority, my Republican colleagues and I have already passed legislation and laid the groundwork to address these crises, push back on government overreach, and hold the Biden Administration accountable.

“I hope during the rest of President Biden’s term he chooses to work with House Republicans on getting inflation under control, regaining control of the border, and unleashing American-made energy.

“As the Chair of the Health Subcommittee on the Energy and Commerce Committee, I hope that we can work together to help Americans live healthier and longer lives. While President Biden promoted his government price setting scheme on prescription drugs, he left out that this policy will result in fewer life-saving cures for patients. I want to expand innovation for new treatments and address the root causes of the high costs in health care to truly lower costs for American families. President Biden also failed to mention in his address tonight that he took $288 billion out of Medicare to pay for his partisan bill that included Green New Deal policies and health care subsidies for wealthy Americans. I’m committed to protecting Medicare for generations to come, even after President Biden redirected this money to other programs.

“Ultimately, I hope new checks and balances with a Republican House majority result in a stronger economy, safer nation, accountable government, and American freedoms protected.”

Congressman Brett Guthrie

Senator Mitch McConnell

“Well the President’s view of the state of the union is quite different from the American people. I was looking at a survey today that said only 13% of the American people thought the state of the union was ‘strong.’ That means they don’t like the way things are going.

“The border is open… crime is rampant… inflation is through the roof… in fact the only that that’s come down lately was the Chinese balloon – thanks to our great military. But even then, after allowing it to traverse the entire country and survey many sensitive sites.

“It’s no wonder the American people are dissatisfied. The President did the best that he could do to try to convince people otherwise. I think it was largely a failed effort.”

Senator Mitch McConnell

Senator Rand Paul

Tonight, you heard a speech.

@POTUS called it the State of the Union, but let’s be honest. If you want the truth about the #SOTU after two years of a Biden presidency, just ask the average American family.

President Biden congratulates himself for new jobs – Americans know that many of those were their second or third jobs struggling to pay for gas and food. He brags about economic growth, but Americans are looking down at the interest on mortgages and cars, and their higher bills.

President Biden says we are safe, but our border is overrun on a daily basis, and now we see Chinese spy balloons freely crossing our country.

President Biden’s first two years in office have been a complete and total failure for Americans. However, despite all of his failures, the good news is, America is resilient. The American people are resilient.

We absolutely can retake our freedom, clean up Biden’s messes, and get this country back on track. I remain hopeful, and you can count on me to continue fighting for that brighter future.

Senator Rand Paul


Congresswoman Erin Houchin

“Tonight, I had the privilege of attending my first State of the Union address. Despite this historic event, the pressing concerns of constituents back home remain. High crime rates, excessive prices at the grocery store, a wide-open southern border, a growing drug crisis, and surging gas prices continue to hurt Hoosier communities.

“My guest tonight, Sheriff Shane McHenry, has firsthand experience tackling the drug crisis in Dearborn County. The ninth district saw over 220 drug-related deaths in the last year alone, largely due to the influx of fentanyl from across our unchecked southern border.

“Hoosiers deserve action on these issues, and like many of them, I am disappointed that they were not fully addressed in President Biden’s speech tonight. We heard the President’s words on unifying our country, and I’m hopeful, but not optimistic, he will live up to them and turn away from the far-left agenda. We need conservative solutions that go beyond rhetoric, and I call on the President of the United States to work with Republicans to implement policies that benefit every hardworking American.

“As Republicans in this new majority, it is our responsibility to serve as a check on the Biden Administration and ensure our constituents are heard. I am committed to working tirelessly in Congress to make a better future for all Hoosiers.”

Congresswoman Erin Houchin


Senator Dick Durbin

“Thanks to President Biden and Congressional Democrats, we have made tremendous progress over the past two years.  In February 2021, we were in the throes of a global pandemic and reckoning with a deadly insurrection in the Capitol that had taken place just one month earlier.  Two years later, we have seen record-breaking job creation, new roads and bridges being built, the uninsured rate at historic lows, and we are finally confronting the climate crisis—all while lowering the deficit by $1.7 trillion.

“In the next two years, I look forward to continuing to work with the President to deliver on his ‘Unity Agenda,’ as well as supporting Ukraine as it defends its sovereignty against Putin’s unjust and unprovoked invasion.  These are bipartisan issues we can all agree on.

“The President also called on Congress to reduce child poverty through the expanded Child Tax Credit; extend the $35 per month insulin cap to all Americans; and combat gun violence and take action on police reform in order to make our communities safer.  I urge my Republican colleagues to join us in these efforts.

“Now, as President Biden said, ‘we need to finish the job.’  Let’s continue to deliver for the American people as we did in the last two years.”

Senator Dick Durbin