Tropicana Pledges $1 Million to Move LST

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With changes in the works to move the Tropicana Casino to land, there are plans to replace the riverboat with another famous Evansville attraction. City officials hope to dock the LST 325 in its place.

LST 325 officials say this move has been in the works for a little more than a year, but it’s been docked at Marina Pointe for a decade. They say it will increase business and will be easier for people to access the ship.

“Maybe 30 percent of the people in this area might know where Marina Pointe is they have a lot of advertising campaigns down there,” LST 325 board director Chris Donahue says. “They have the where-with-all to do marketing which we can’t do a lot of down here.”

Executive Director of Metropolitan Development Kelley Coures says Tropicana is willing to help re-locate the ship. The hotel and casino is currently in the process of moving its casino to land if approved by the gaming commission in Febrary. This would allow the LST to replace the casino boat.

“Tropicana, as you know, pledged $1 million to relocate the LST,” Coures says. “It’s a much more advantageous location for the LST and I think it will really spur a lot of new visitation a lot of use and we can make more use of that very important tourist attraction.”

Chris Donahue with the LST Board of Directors says this move opens a lot of doors and will bring more foot traffic to the famous ship.

“They’ll be facilities like the pavilion, which could be a home front war time museum,” he said. “The possibilities are just great.”

This is a change officials hope to see happen within the next few years.

Donahue thinks the $1 million will be enough to transport the LST 325.

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