Evansville police have arrested two people in connection with a shooting that took place in broad daylight in the middle of a neighborhood on the city’s southeast side Thursday morning. The incident could have been worse, police said, if not for the restraint displayed by the victim, who opted not to shoot back despite legally carrying a firearm.

Shortly before 10:30 Thursday morning, officers were dispatched to the corner of Michael Avenue and Frisse Avenue, which is located a few block south of Pollack Avenue near Boeke Avenue. Police said 911 callers provided detailed descriptions of the male suspect and the female driver of a vehicle.

Officers quickly apprehended the suspect who has been identified as Kiyel Langley. Officers also detained and later arrested Langley’s girlfriend, Amber Martin. Langley has been charged with attempted murder with a firearm and Martin has been charged with one count of assisting a criminal.

Police believe Martin and Langley agreed to meet with Martin’s ex-boyfriend, who is the father of her child, in the parking lot of a shopping center near Pollack and Weinbach.

Upon meeting, police said an argument ensued which then escalated into a physical fight. The ex-boyfriend then called for his father to pick him up and take him home. When they arrived, police said Martin and Langley drove up behind them and the argument continued. That’s when Langley pulled out a revolver and opened fire, police said.

“[Langley] fired the last shot as I was dialing 911. That’s when he took off running,” the alleged victim said. The victim did not want his name revealed and did not want his face shown on camera in fear of retaliation, he said.

After firing four to five shots, Langley ran down an alleyway while Martin drove the car away, the alleged victim said.

The alleged victim has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, police said. He also was armed with a semi-automatic pistol at the time of the incident. The alleged victim told Eyewitness News that he opted not to return fire because a child was still in Langley’s car.

“I did not fire for that reason,” the alleged victim said. “When he took off running, I did not fire because he was not at the time jeopardizing my life. I’m not shooting into people’s houses. It was frightening. Anytime a gun is pointed at you, especially when it’s being fired at you, it’s a little scary.”

The alleged victim was able to provide police a detailed description of Langley, which factored into how quickly Langley was taken into custody. Police also praised the restraint the alleged victim showed during the heat of the moment.

“It does appear that he used a lot of good, common sense and wisdom by choosing not to fire,” said Captain Andy Chandler. “Even after the shots were fired and the suspect took off running, the [alleged victim] that had a legal carry permit once again chose not to fire at the suspect because he felt like he was no longer in danger because the suspect was running from the scene.”

The alleged victim had just renewed his gun permit six months ago because crime in the neighborhood was increasing, he said.

“I was hoping that I would never have to use it,” the alleged victim said. “I was hoping like heck I’ve never have to use it.”

Police said it’s a good thing he didn’t, considering the potential for collateral damage. The alleged victim now worries about retaliation.

“Now my family is at risk, I feel. He’s going to retaliate and come back to my house,” the alleged victim said. “Now I’m going to have to stay somewhere or get me another firearm.”

Police believe Langley ditched the gun in the area where the shooting happened. If you happen to find it, police said you should not touch it and immediately call 911.