Evansville police have arrested two people accused of a deadly assault last night on Evansville’s southeast side.

EPD detectives worked overnight to track down who killed an Evansville woman and with help from the community.

“I need the ambulance and you’re probably going to need the police because I can’t get in the house to get to my cousin that’s screaming on the other side. I can’t hear her anymore so can somebody please hurry.”

Around 4 PM Thursday, 911 dispatchers received a call to a home on the corner of Taylor and Evans from a family member who says she was there to pick the victim up for a meeting but couldn’t get into the home.

When police arrived, they found diamond Sheppard-Rankin on the ground with multiple stab wounds.

Rankin was taken to Deaconess Hospital where she was pronounced dead just a few hours later. 

Today family and friends morn as police continue to investigate what is now being ruled a homicide.

“Over the course of the following hours we receive information from several individuals that led us towards two specific individuals the first being the suspect of the murder which is Fitolay Demesmin. We believe he is actually the one responsible for her death and actually committed the crime. We also believe that Kalei Obasa came to the scene after the fact was at the scene and helped after the fact and was at the scene and tried to cover up the crime.”

Jason Cullum says it’s still unclear what lead to the assault. 

“We do know that the suspect and the victim knew each other and both of them were residing in that home at the time of the crime.”

Fitolay is currently facing murder charges while Kalei Obasa is being charged with assisting a criminal.

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(This story was originally published on May 24, 2019)