Two vaccines pending approval from FDA


(WEHT)- After the United Kingdom gave authorization to a COVID-19 vaccine produced by American drug company Pfizer, attention is now turning to the US Food and Drug Administration regarding approval for that vaccine and one produced by Moderna.

Both vaccines use mRNA, a technology scientists have been trying to use for decades and both vaccines offer roughly the same efficacy. Pfizer’s vaccine showed 95 percent effectiveness in trials, while Moderna’s vaccine offered 94 percent efficacy. Both vaccines require a second shot, Pfizer requiring a second shot after 21 days and Moderna requiring a second shot after 28 days.

Storage and transportation is a key difference between the two, with the Pfizer vaccine requiring storage at negative 94 degrees Fahrenheit while the Moderna vaccine requires storage at negative four degrees Fahrenheit.

Dr. David Schultz of Evansville Primary Care says both vaccines, and their mRNA technology, represent a medical breakthrough.

Moving forward, they will be able to make newer vaccines that are safer, that are more effective, and can develop additional vaccines for infections and diseases that we only dreamed possible

Dr. David Schultz

But do these vaccines mean people can immediately return to life as normal? Deaconess Clinic Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brad Scheu doesn’t think so.

The short answer is no, the vaccine does not give you free rein to do whatever you want to do but we certainly hope that it helps slowing down COVID

Dr. Brad Scheu

Dr. Scheu says the vaccine could be in the Tri-State by the end of the year but adds the vaccine will likely go to health care workers and those in high risk areas first. Deaconess says it will not require employees to get vaccinated.

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