U.S. Secretary of Defense Visits NSA Crane

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NSA Crane produces high-tech weapons for the U.S. Navy, and the high-tech military base welcomes a high-profile visitor Wednesday.

U.S Secretary of Defense Ash Carter makes a stop at the base near Bloomington where more than 5,000 civilian workers arm today’s soldiers.

Carter is second in command of the U.S. military, only behind President Obama.

Indiana Senator, Joe Donnelly (D) is a staunch supporter of defense spending, and says Navy outfit Crane – the third largest U.S.Navy base in the world – plays a vital role in war.

“Their mission, their dedication is to make sure it’s never a fair fight,” he says.

NSA Crane makes equipment and ammo for soldiers, ships, and jets.

Imagine a battlefield anywhere in the world,  land, sea, or air, and Crane technology likely had a role in it.

Crane’s military history goes back 75 years when it was first an ammo depot.

While it still holds plenty of ordnance, its role now is far greater as a primary facilitator in America’s war on terror.

“We needed to do all sorts of new things really fast, and our campaign success depended on it and lives of our service members depended upon it,” Secretary Carter says.

State-of-the-art and often classified technology is engineered and developed at crane, mostly thanks to a civilian workforce of Hoosiers

“Without which the finest fighting force the world has ever known can’t remain that way,” Carter adds.

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