EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)–The University of Evansville faculty is taking matters into its own hands this comes after the president of the University of Evansville announced a plan which would eliminate 17 majors. It’s a plan that has upset a number of faculty members and alumni.

“Creating an ongoing plan for the university is not possible unless we have access to all the data that’s necessary, obviously subject to privacy rules and so on,” said University of Evansville history professor Dr. James MacLeod says the faculty needs more data to be released before the faculty senate is able to compile an academic realignment plan of its own.

UE President Chris Pietruskiewicz tells Eyewitness News faculty members were given all the data they used to create to current academic realignment plan draft.

“The data that we used to propose our draft academic alignment plan is the same data that we provided to the faculty so they have the information that we used and the four criteria that we used in coming up with the draft plan and we hope they utilized that data and their expertise to provide us with some input on the plan,” explained Pietruskiewicz.

“The data we believe is very flawed and one of the problems is when it counts majors for a department for example, it doesn’t county students who have two majors, it doesn’t county any of the teaching faculty do outside of their own major and these are just two examples. There are many other problems with the data,” said Dr. MacLeod. He is wanting more in depth data on academics, administration, and athletics.

Dr. Macleod said UE President Chris Pietruszkiewicz hasn’t attended the past two faculty senate meetings to answer these questions. President Pietruszkiewicz claims he is giving them room to make their proposals and suggestions.

“We ask the faculty to provide their comments and expertise in an area where they have expertise which is the academic part of the university and so they are making those recommendations to us and we’ll take those into account in additional conversations with our faculty about what the final plan looks like,” said President Pietruszkiewicz. He explained the final academic re-alignment plan is expected to look different than the draft plan. They are expecting to eventually make changes to athletics and administration, not just academics.

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(This story was originally published on December 30, 2020)