HOPKINS COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT)- It’s on virtually every sign coming into Kentucky: Unbridled Spirit. What does it mean? For some, including Nortonville man Eddie Corum, that means lending a helping hand in the immediate aftermath of deadly storms.

Corum and his wife got the call no one ever wants to hear: family members were trapped in a trailer directly in a tornado’s path. Corum says he had “a million things a minute” going through his head after he got that call, rushing to a neighborhood, just walking distance from Hopkins County Central High School.

Corum says he prayed his wife’s grandparents would be alright and after making sure they were ok, he says he switched gears to helping others in need. Corum says he’s grateful injuries weren’t more severe in the area after a tornado swept through there, derailing a train in the process. Corum says the area is a tight-knit community, with people looking out for others in need. He says it hurts him whenever someone loses a loved one during a tragic event such as this.

Still, in the middle of chaos with overturned cars and downed power lines, Corum says he’s proud of his fellow Kentuckians for stepping up and helping others in need. As he urged Hopkins County to “stay strong” during this difficult time, Corum says they will continue to look after each other.

He says it says a lot about Kentucky and its people to see such togetherness in the face of adversity, saying neighbors can always count on each other because “united we stand.”