UNION COUNTY, KY. (WEHT) – Union County could take over the lease of the Union County Fairgrounds in Kentucky and Union County Fairgrounds president Doug Omer says that would end the fair board and could see major changes to the fair.

“Union County could take over the lease to the land of the fair grounds from the fair board which sits on FAA property.

Omer says he was told by the Union County Judge/Executive Adam O’nan, that the fair would continue but the county would have to hire help to work the events, which falls on the shoulders of tax payers.

“I think we had drivers from 17 states, visitors from 21 states and we had three providences from Canada here this year, so the economic impact got to be huge,” explained Omer.

O’nan says different events that the fairgrounds host throughout the year are great for the county demolition derby’s help draw revenue but not everything can be supported from that revenue.

“They have the rally and those things are kind of where they’re functioning year to year but it doesn’t allow them to fully support the maintenance of a huge building, a huge asset we have in our community,” said O’nan.

According to O’nan, the FAA air board approached him about the county potentially taking over the lease of the property.

“I don’t have any intention of getting rid of the fair and I can categorically say that is untrue,” O’nan stated.

Omer is hopefully everything will go great for this year’s fair but is unsure of the fair and fairgrounds future after this year.

“Adam told us that the fair would continue,” Omer stated. “I hope that does happen. I really don’t know I mean it’s out of our hands now. We’re the little kid in the divorce and basically we don’t really know what the future lies,” he added.

The Union County Fair takes place every third full week of June.