MORGANFIELD, Ky. (WEHT) — Uncertainty continues for citizens as Monday night’s meeting leaves the future of the City of Sturgis in question.

Tension filled the room as multiple people gathered to question city council members on the major deficit the city has.

Once the council received the ultimatum between either becoming part of Union County or filing for bankruptcy, citizens appeared frustrated.

“Is this the reason that we’re in this situation is because there can’t be a decision made?” one resident asked Monday.

Union County Judge Executive Adam O’Nan added that the city has a “bleak financial future” at the county fiscal court meeting Tuesday.

This includes the 21 unanswered invoices the city has not paid.

O’Nan says he has “no clue” why those bills have not been paid.

“Someone should answer for that — why those bills didn’t get paid,” O’Nan said. “So, it has dwindled their money of their general fund pretty quickly — trying to get caught up where they need supplies and get need supplies they need for the City of Sturgis.”

O’Nan says the county will not leave the Sturgis citizens to stand alone — no matter what decision the city chooses.

“I’m confident of the team that I have assembled, and that I’ve surrounded myself with — whether that be Union County First, or planning commission, or road department,” O’Nan said. “We’re going to jump in an make every effort to take care of our folks in Sturgis.”