UNION CO., Ky. (WEHT) — Reports of a stolen sheriff’s car in eastern Indiana caused a lot of confusion for people living in and around western Kentucky.

Nearly 300 miles apart from each other, Indiana and Kentucky both have a Union County. Tuesday morning, Indiana State Police reported that they’re looking for a suspect accused of stealing a deputy’s vehicle in Union County, Indiana.

As seen before on the internet, misinformation spread like wildfire and Tri-State residents started to believe the cruiser was stolen from western Kentucky. The Union County KY Sheriff’s Office debunked the rumors on social media.

“FALSE INFORMATION was put out referencing the theft of one of our Sheriff trucks. The Union County Sheriff Office has NOT had a vehicle stolen,” they say on Facebook. “We did not nearly have a vehicle stolen. We have not been involved in any incidents that would lead anyone to believe we had a truck stolen. Carry on. 👍

You can read more about the sheriff’s car theft in eastern Indiana by clicking here.

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