HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Union County Judge Executive Adam O’Nan and Sturgis mayor Billy Adams confirms the only officer left with the Sturgis Police Department is moving to the Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO). 

Mayor Adams says Officer Chance Whitfield had expressed concern about the state of Sturgis. In looking out for his family, he told the mayor he would be applying for the open position at UCSO about a week ago. Mayor Adams is supportive of this decision. UCSO is now looking for an additional deputy, to ensure there are always two deputies paired up in Sturgis for safety reasons. 

Mayor Adams has asked that Sheriff Thomas be at Monday’s regularly scheduled council meeting to address the public on this topic. 

Adams confirms they are not looking to hire more officers for Sturgis right now but are appreciative of the support from the county. 


Sheriff Jason Thomas from the Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) confirms an officer from the Sturgis Police Department (SPD) will soon be at the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Thomas says the SPD officer will be starting work at UCSO sometime next week. Thomas notes the officer is not working for UCSO yet.

As previously reported, Sturgis only had one police officer before this move.