Unique Rocks Help Students Stand Out


Although school is almost out for the summer students at Sharon Elementary will leave something behind when they go on summer break. Thanks to their art teacher and a creative idea.

“Each individual rock is beautiful and they are all unique and different but when they all work together that’s when it makes a statement,” said Art Teacher Jessica Moyse.

A statement anyone can see before they even make it to the front door of the school.

“They will remember painting rocks but i hope they take away that because they are all so unique and different and special,” said Moyse.

Jessica Moyse has been teaching art class for six years and to her, art is all about being unique.

The idea for the sea rocks started with the book, Only One You.

“It’s about a fish that is about to venture out into the ocean and his parents give him some words of wisdom before he goes out and all the illustrations are rocks that are painted like fish,” said Moyse.

And just like the book the rocks are individually unique but together they are complete.

“One of the quotes from the book is “There is only one you in this great big world make it a better place,” and I think if my students can take away anything from this project i hope they take away that,” said Moyse.

In Mrs. Moyse art class 740 rocks were turned into fish by each student at the school.

“We always stress to the students that we want be all inclusive and how unique and special each child is and I think this project just is the epitome of that,” said Principal Ashlee Bruggenschmidt.

Each rock outside Sharon Elementary has story and a student.

“We should all think about you know how we can make the world a better place and to leave an impact and leave a footprint in the world,” said Moyes

These students legacies, now set in stone. 

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