EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- The University of Evansville board issued a statement supporting President Christopher Pietruszkiewicz following a no-confidence vote in the Faculty Senate that passed 13-2 on Tuesday.

The University of Evansville chapter of the Association of University Professors sent a petition to the Board of Trustees with more than 1,400 signatures from across the Tri-State and the country to show the support for the university’s faculty.

Board of Trustees statement

We are writing to express our strong and unwavering support for UE President Chris Pietruszkiewicz in the wake of the Faculty Senate’s no-confidence vote earlier this week.

As members of the Board of Trustees, we are surprised and disappointed by the actions of the Faculty Senate. The “Save UE” campaign and increasing alliance with the AAUP may suggest that the Faculty is not acting in the best interests of our University and appears to be designed to prevent necessary institutional change. As stated quite clearly in his message to the Faculty on Monday, the President will share and discuss realignment plans with Faculty and other UE stakeholders before implementation of any proposed changes. Discussion with the Board of Trustees will occur prior to any final decisions, and we sincerely hope that the Faculty will be willing to participate in this process.

We hired President Pietruszkiewicz with the knowledge and expectation that he would be responsible for the health and welfare of our University and make the changes necessary to move UE forward. The President is excelling at doing so in a very difficult environment. We have full confidence in his leadership.

Members of the University of Evansville Board of Trustees

Randall K. Alsman Robert L. Koch, II Roger B. Beck Lawrence J. Kremer

Curtis L. Begle McKenna A. Lewis

Ondra L. Berry Rose M. Mays

Robert L. Bowen Sharon R. McCarthy

Alan W. Braun Sara L. Miller

C. Edward Brown Melvin M. Peterson

D. Forrest Brumbaugh Barbara J. Price

Wilfred C. Bussing, III Marian Helle Purdue

Henrietta J. Chubb Larry A. Rascoe, Sr.

John B. Conaway Sally G. Rideout

Bradley Coomer Anita Horn Rizek

H. Lee Cooper, III Nicholas J. Rutigliano

John N. Daniel, Jr. Andrew T. Saltzman

Derek L. Dunigan John C. Schroeder

Larry E. Dunigan Mark A. Schroeder

Susan M. Elkington Virginia G. Schroeder

Niel C. Ellerbrook Arthur L. Shoener

Philip G. Eykamp Thomas M. Smythe Rita P. Eykamp Theda Soldatou

Andrew E. Goebel Annie E. Stenftenagel M. Stephen Harkness Brent A. Sternberg

William L. Johnson Christopher S. Traylor

Paul W. Jones Starla D. West

Robert G. Jones Linda E. White, Chair

Kevin R. Koch Steven W. Worthington


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(This story was originally published on Oct. 8, 2020)