EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- A no-confidence measure in the University of Evansville Faculty Senate against University of Evansville President Christopher Pietruszkiewicz passed 13-2 Tuesday.

This vote comes as the University of Evansville’s administrators review programs at the school. Some students are wondering why UE President Chris Pietruszkiewicz says this reviewal “will include reductions in staffing” and changes to the school’s programs. This was expressed in a recent letter written by Pietruszkiewicz.

“There’s just a general lack of transparency. It feels like a lot of students already feel like they aren’t really getting what they are paying for,” said UE student Jimmy Guest.

Dr. James MacLeod is a history professor at UE and said professors have been working diligently to educate students during a pandemic. An effort which he said paid off.

“We had to switch to an online format really over the course of a weekend in March and we had one of the highest levels of retention we’ve ever had,” said Dr. MacLeod, spokesperson for the Save UE Campaign.

Students Eyewitness News talked to are hoping potential pay cuts and layoffs will subside.

“Because everyone here is doing important work and professors are the ones teaching and leading the students,” said student Jackie Pitt.

“We are very very concerned about losing programs and losing professors at the university and most especially that that’s being done without faculty input,” explained Dr. MacLeod.

In a recent letter, Pietruszkiewicz expressed fear of repeating a similar situation six years ago. He said faculty had a high involvement with a controversial prioritization process, which “resulted in few actionable recommendations with no long-term budget savings. “

Dr. Macleod who is not part of the Faculty Senate said he was part of that process. He said this was discussed at UE’s Faculty Senate meeting as faculty leaders found this to be disheartening.

“We worked incredibly hard and made very difficult decisions and then handed reports over to administration who then did nothing,” explained Dr. MacLeod.

Soon, all faculty members will get to vote on whether or not they have confidence in UE President Chris Pietruszkiewicz’s leadership during the pandemic.

Pietruszkiewicz issued a statement Monday ahead of the vote and Eyewitness News’ Brad Byrd spoke with two university faculty members on InDepth about the measure and issues facing the university.

This is a developing story.

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(This story was originally published on October 6, 2020)