EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) The University of Southern Indiana says they were hit with one of the most successful hacker phishing attacks they have seen. University officials say they know of at least 20 accounts that were broken into, which resulted in another 44,000 emails being sent out.

The email looked like it was from the USI IT Help Desk, and said the student or faculty member had reached their email quota and asked them to click a link.

“I didn’t know what that was referring to. Then the way it was formatted seemed a little off,” student Trent Thompson said.

“I was concerned at first until USI made multiple posts on social media to warn students just about the email going around,” student Allison Boyd said.

If you clicked the link and entered your password, IT says your password has been stolen. If this happened to you, do this immediately:

  • change your USI password (if you need assistance call the IT Help Desk at 812-465-1080)
  • change this password ANYWHERE ELSE YOU USE IT (banking, credit cards, Facebook, etc.).  The hacker will try to use this password anywhere they can
  • never use this password again.  The hacker will keep this password (and sell it to other hackers) and they will continue to try to break into any account you have in the future

“I think that maybe the university could do more to prevent that type of stuff. Maybe have some type of certification on emails so students can know that ‘hey this is a certified university email,'” Thompson said.

(This story was originally published on April 21, 2021)