HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – An alleged assault at an Evansville bowling alley leads to charges.

Evansville Police say on September 16, officers responded to Diamond Lanes in reference to an assault in progress. Making contact with the first individual, Kemani Harris, he stated he and his friend, LeBron Wilson just got to Diamond Lanes. He claims Wilson asked, “Where is a light ass ball?” and another man close by, Chris Norman, overhead and thought Wilson said, “What about a white ass boy?”

According to an affidavit, Harris denied saying anything about a boy, but claims Norman began using racial slurs before swinging at him and Wilson. He also said he and Wilson then exited the alley after Wilson was struck at least one time by Norman.

Police spoke to Wilson and stated the same thing and complained of jaw pain but refused medical treatment. Wilson admitted to having a bowling ball in his hands and said he threw it at Norman. Wilson stated the ball hit Norman in the forehead and fell to the ground. Wilson also admitted to hitting Norman again with the bowling ball after Norman started getting back up.

Wilson said he was scared of Norman because he does not know Norman or his intentions and claimed self defense.

The affidavit also states police spoke with Norman as well. Norman claimed Wilson and Harris came into the bowling alley complaining about the country music being played and was being discriminatory towards white people.

Norman claimed he asked what was wrong with the music and said Wilson and Harris jumped him for no reason. Norman said he was hit in the head with a bowling ball but did not know who had hit him with it and blacked out for a brief moment after being hit.

Police say Norman was transported to Deaconess by AMR for his injuries.

Wilson was arrested and transported to the Vanderburgh County Jail for felony battery. Norman is being filed for misdemeanor battery.

Wilson has since been released.