EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Despite the city of Evansville agreeing to pay out a substantial settlement to the survivor of a deadly car crash, the city is denying they had anything to do with it.

Five years ago, 2-year-old Princess Carter and 7-month-old Prince Carter passed away in the accident on Linwood and Monroe avenues, along with their father Terrence Barker. The sole survivor in the vehicle, Janae Carter, filed a lawsuit against the city in 2018.

The lawsuit claimed police knew or should have known the chase posed a danger to other people in the area. That lawsuit was settled and the city agreed to pay Carter $1.75M in an insurance settlement. Although a settlement was agreed, EPD denies the city had any negligence in the crash. The department posted on social media a day after the settlement, saying:

“The Plaintiffs and the City have settled the lawsuit. The City denies that it was negligent or that it contributed in any way to the injuries suffered by Janae Carter or the deaths of Terence Barker, Princess Carter and Prince Carter. During discovery in this lawsuit, evidence confirmed that Janae Carter and Terence Barker were both wearing their seatbelts and that their children, Princess and Prince Carter, were both child seat and seatbelt restrained when their vehicle was struck by Frederick McFarland. In 2020, Mr. McFarland pled guilty to causing Ms. Carter’s injuries and the deaths of Mr. Barker, Princess and Prince. Mr. McFarland is currently serving time in an Indiana prison as a result of his conviction; he settled with Plaintiff and was dismissed from this lawsuit in 2018.”

A judge sentenced Frederick McFarland to 15 years in prison for three counts of resisting law enforcement and 5 years for resisting law enforcement.