EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- If you are banking on getting a Donut Bank cake, make your order soon. On Thursday, the bakery announced they are no longer selling decorated cakes after April 24th.

“It was heart wrenching, we have lost so much sleep over this,” says Ben Kempf, one of the owners.

Kempf says it was not an easy decision, but adds it will help the business in the long run. He says the cake decorators are spread thin across 10 locations in the Tri-State. At their Diamond Avenue location, bakers work 24/7 and are closed for only four days a year. Kempf says their employees are unable to keep up with the high demand.

“There is just so much induced stressed on our bakers and decorators. I think that maybe the cakes hindered our growth a little. You cannot have a cake that was misspelled in Princeton, drive up and get the cake, fix it, then drive it back up to Princeton,” Kempf says.

Jonathan Woosley has been coming to the Donut Bank for over 20 years and says he was surprised to hear about the cakes.

“It is kind of a bummer because I like the cakes here. When my daughter or family has a birthday, we come here and get the cake,” Woosley says.

Since making the announcement on Facebook on Thursday, Kempf says he is seeing mixed reactions.

“Just hearing and reading the comments. I am trying not to look at them, but you are almost forced to because you love this business. We care about our customers and treat our employees like family, to read those negative comments, it hurts,” Kempf says.

Although the bakery will no longer sell decorated cakes after April 24th, they are hoping to expand some of their current services, including new cupcake options.