EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Earlier this month, local law enforcement agencies gathered together for the annual Evansville Foundation Policeman’s Ball. During the event, one Evansville detective was honored and recognized for his exemplary skill and drive.

Detective Mike Evans was awarded “Officer of the Year Award” for 2021. Below is an explanation from his supervisors that explains why they felt he deserved to be selected as officer of the year.

“The Adult Investigation Unit would like to recognize Detective Mike Evans by submitting his name as a candidate for Officer of the Year. In the course of his assigned investigations, Evans has demonstrated a unique — if not God-given—ability as an interviewer. This has proven to be a valuable asset during the interrogation of suspects involved in violent crimes. Evans’ skill is also a notable advantage when interviewing victims and witnesses, eliciting information critical to the successful resolution of a case. Detective Evans has evolved as the “Go-To Guy” involving violent or difficult crimes and is irreplaceable in Adult Investigations. Evans has taken on other responsibilities as a way of making the Evansville Police Department a better agency while expanding his skillset. Detective Evans volunteered to become a Polygraph Examiner and attended 12 weeks of training and is a TFO with the ATF here in Evansville.”

EPD says this was the twelfth time the department has held the Evansville Foundation Policeman’s Ball.

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