EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Sergeant Anna Gray with the Evansville Police Department (EPD) gave some safety tips for Black Friday.

Shopping tips:

  • When in a busy shopping facility, be aware of your surroundings.
  • Incidents can involve someone diverting your attention, while a second person grabs your wallet or purse.
    • Zip up purses, don’t leave them on the top of the cart if you have to walk away.
    • You can have one person watching your stuff while you are looking away from the cart.
  • If you must leave your bags inside the vehicle, lock the vehicle up and hide the bags from plain view.
  • Be mindful of shorter daylight hours. Park in well-lit areas, even if it is still daylight when you arrive.
  • Have your keys out ahead of time when walking out to your vehicle and be aware of your surroundings.

Package deliveries:

  • If you have cameras, review the cameras, try to set up a time of arrival for your package if possible or leave a towel/blanket/bucket outside so the deliver person can cover up the item.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your package if you will be away for several hours.
  • Hide/break down boxes that contain expensive items. Don’t advertise what you have inside!

Traffic tips:

  • Be patient! This time of year brings a lot of traffic congestion around the major shopping areas. Slow down, give yourself extra time to prepare to make sudden stops, and leave yourself a bigger gap between cars.
  • Please do not block intersections! Don’t try to beat the light. If you can’t make it through the intersection before the next cycle, then wait. It is illegal to block traffic.

Gray advises that even in cold weather, offenders are on the prowl. She says people should lock their vehicle and take their valuables inside, including firearms.