HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – An Owensboro woman was arrested outside an Evansville nightclub after allegedly assaulting officers while drunk.

According to an affidavit, officers with the Evansville Police Department were dispatched early Saturday morning to KC Timeout Lounge for a reported assault.

Authorities state a man told officers that Shelby Wilson, 32, punched him in the face. Wilson allegedly locked the doors to an SUV she was in and after being told multiple times, Wilson allegedly leaned back and kicked an officer three times in the chest and stomach.

Wilson allegedly continued to kick and punch the officer in the face, groin and chest when being removed from the vehicle.

At one point, officials state a taser was threatened to be used if Wilson continued to resist. Compiling issues was an alleged crowd was getting rowdy and moving closer to the officers.

That wasn’t the end as the officers continued to struggle to get control of Wilson, she allegedly attempted to bite the officer in the hand.

Officers were able to get Wilson into custody, but she allegedly still was being verbally abusive to officers and patrons before being transported to the Vanderburgh County Jail.

The affidavit states this started due to Wilson reportedly being too intoxicated and was asked to leave.

Wilson is being charged with two counts of battery against a public safety official, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement.