HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – What started as an alleged assault turned into a struggle for officers after taking an Evansville woman into custody.

The Evansville Police Department says Jamesha Elbert, 20, had a felony warrant for her arrest, but she also allegedly fought with officers during the arrest.

Police state after responding to an assault call, Elbert was leaving the scene. Officials say she began arguing, but the officers told her about the warrant.

Officials state Elbert resisted officers by breaking free from their grip, and while being secured in the backseat, she began to kick an officer’s computer and continued to be uncooperative.

Officials say a transport wagon was called, and Elbert kicked, screamed and banged her head repeatedly during transport.

During the booking process, police state Elbert had to be placed in a restraint chair and ended up spitting on another officer.

Police say the felony warrant is for battery on a public safety official and battery with bodily waste.

Elbert was charged with attempted escape, resisting law enforcement and battery with bodily waste.