HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – A news release says after years of collaboration, the Evansville Department of Parks and Recreation and the Evansville Area Trails Coalition, Inc. (ETC) are thrilled to announce a formal partnership.

Officials say this alliance between the Evansville Department of Parks and Recreation and ETC promises a mutual commitment to the promotion, expansion and preservation of Evansville’s Greenway Trails System. The news release says together, the two organizations aim to create an even more inviting and linked urban trail system, fostering a deeper connection between residents and opportunities for active living and nonmotorized transportation options.

According to the two organizations, a highlight of this agreement allows ETC to relocate to the lower level of The Pagoda pavilion, a prime location along the Greenway. Officials say this move “exemplifies a commitment to trail stewardship,” increased accessibility and enhanced experiences for both residents and visitors.

“Our collaboration with ETC goes beyond a shared vision for the Greenway,” said Steve Schaefer, Deputy Mayor and Parks and Recreation interim Executive Director. “It brings to life the goals we envisioned in our 2023 Master Plan, and marks a new chapter in our city’s commitment to connectivity and wellness.”

“This partnership is a dream come true for everyone who has been working tirelessly to expand our trails network and sustain it as a source of pride for our community,” said ETC Executive Director Lorie Van Hook. “We look forward to a bright future where our trails become an integral part of the city’s identity.”

Officials say together, the Department of Parks and Recreation and ETC will collaborate to ensure effective trail planning, development and prioritize the expansion of the trail network. The two organizations are committed to fostering a greater sense of community, environmental stewardship and overall well-being for all residents.