EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — An Evansville man was arrested Sunday afternoon after a group called “Predator Catchers Incorporated” allegedly exposed him for trying to meet with an underage girl.

Members of PCI pose as children on social media, waiting for adults to contact them and see if conversations lead to solicitation or sexual crimes against children.

These conversations are documented and any in-person encounters, in which the adult tried to meet with the child for the purpose of sexual behavior, are filmed. The offender will then be confronted with the goal of them being arrested and prosecuted.

According to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office, deputies were called to the CVS on Weston Road for a disorderly conduct report. Deputies spoke with PCI members and discovered suspect Erik William Fischer was allegedly trying to meet up with “Maggie,” an account PCI created and used to pose as a 14-year-old girl.

PCI told officers that Fischer allegedly reached out to “Maggie” to see if they could get together at the CVS and have sex. Deputies say PCI confronted Fischer at the CVS on Saturday.

Officers investigated and arrested Fischer the day after the incident at CVS. During an interview with police, deputies say Fischer admitted to his conversations with “Maggie” and his intent of sex with her.

Fischer was arrested and charged with Child Solicitation, a Level 4 Felony. He was booked into
the Vanderburgh County Jail on no bond.