EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The Evansville Police Department has a new way of getting in touch with those interested in a career at the police department.

Officers tell us EPD recently started using Interview Now, a recruitment software that connects interested candidates with recruiters in real time. There are two ways that a candidate can connect with a recruiter.

They can either text “JoinEPD” to 812-624-6738, or go to the EPD homepage online and fill out the short web form.

“A lot of times if you want to apply to the police department, we tell you ‘go to our website, fill out a form, you’ll get an email from us.'” explains EPD Officer Taylor Merriss. “Where in this generation, people want it now. People want to put their interest in now and then have a follow up extremely quickly.”

Officers say there are 11 members of the EPD Recruitment Team who have access to the software.