EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — A big topic of discussion Friday evening was the suspected Chinese spy balloon that had been drifting across the United States.

Eyewitness News Meteorologist Wayne Hart said there was a chance it could cross over the Tri-State. In response to the situation, the Evansville Police Department released this statement on social media:

“We are aware of the deemed ‘Chinese Balloon’ – should it pass over Evansville.. consider the following:

1. You do not need to report sightings of said balloon to dispatch: training to take down balloons at an altitude of 60k isn’t our forte or in our training regimen.

2. Also, we don’t think the feds would want us to take this kind of action.

3. We don’t think anyone is trained to take down balloons 60k feet away – so let’s not attempt it from any backyards tonight, even though we understand the desire to.”

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