HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The Evansville Animal Care & Control shelter is warning pet owners of a scam.

Officials with the shelter took to Facebook and stated they have taken several calls of people being told their pets are at the shelter when they aren’t.

Scammers are telling people their pet (many that have been missing for some time) are injured and/or picked up deceased. Some have been told they would be called after the pet was examined.

Officials are stating those people calling are asking to be paid through Zelle or other forms of cash apps.

Officials are reminding people of a few things if one is not sure if they are being targeted by these scams.

  • Staff would not request to be paid via a cash app, and all payments are to be made in person at the shelter at the time of reclaim.
  • If Animal Control officers call an owner, they will address themselves as Officer (last name).
  • The shelter does not have a vet on staff to “examine” every animal that is brought in. The shelter also would not be calling back after the pet is “examined” from being brought in
  • If for any reason someone has doubts about it being a true call, to call the office to verify.