HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – An Evansville teen will be serving 55 years behind bars after running over and killing a female while stealing a car from a gas station.

Mateo Reymundo Rodriguez was found guilty in Vanderburgh County Circuit Court earlier this month after running over and killing Megan Schaefer in the Conoco gas station parking lot in Evansville.

Prosecutor Diana Moers made the announcement in a release on May 26.

Security camera footage on April 3, 2022, showed Rodriguez getting into a still running white 2017 Honda Civic with the intent to steal it. After backing into another car, Schaefer got out and was promptly run over by Rodriguez. Schaefer died a short time later that night after arriving at St. Vincent Hospital.

Magistrate Judge Ryan C. Reed handed down the sentence Monday after agreeing with the State’s recommendation. Deputy Prosecutor Heath Tuley argued that Rodriguez’s actions were heinous and caused an innocent woman to die, had a history of delinquent activity and displayed a lack of remorse for his actions.

Despite Rodriguez testifying at trial he did not see the victim and did not know he ran her over, Tuley argued his statements about the victim “playing superwoman” on the day she was run over plainly contradict his sworn testimony and advocate for no leniency to be shown.

While in jail, Rodriguez communicated if the victim wanted to play superwoman, then she would get hurt.

“This young man took the life of a completely innocent woman then mocked her,” Moers said. “This sentence acknowledges the fact that Rodriguez has a complete disregard for human life and will now spend his own locked away.”

Rodriguez will serve his prison sentence at the Indiana Department of Corrections.