EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- The Evansville Wartime Museum released the winning name of their “Name the Tank” contest. After going through over a thousand submissions, the museum selected ‘Rosie’s Revenge.’

Officials say Larry Kjeldsen from Indianapolis submitted the name and came to Evansville for the announcement. Kjeldsen says he came up with the name when having dinner with his daughters.

“We were talking about it, how can we incorporate the Evansville theme. My daughter was thinking about Reitz Hill, and we got into the car and it kind of just popped out,” says Kjeldsen.

Kjeldsen’s says they were surprised to learn they won.

“I am a big history buff and read a lot about Rosie the Riveter and women’s contributions to the war effort,” he says.

The museum says the name recognizes the thousands of women who worked in factories during World War II.

“We had over 80,000 thousand people working here for defense factories during that time. So a lot of them were women and of course, we refer to them as ‘Rosies’,” says Dana Bone, the chairperson on the museum’s event’s committee.

Bone says they received over a thousand entries.

“‘Rosie’s Revenge’ kind of just stood out among the rest. It as just so perfect,” she says.

Kjeldsen did not get his ride for being a winner because it was too windy and wet, but he as able to show his granddaughter ‘Rosie’s Revenge’.