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Evansville woman arrested for allegedly abusing foster children

Courtesy of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office

HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – An Evansville woman was arrested Sunday night for allegedly abusing foster children in her care.

According to an affidavit, officers with the Evansville Police Department were dispatched to the 1200 block of S. Roosevelt Drive in reference to child abuse. The reporter, Craig Phillips Sr., claimed his four juvenile children were in foster care, and he had pictures and video of the children’s foster mother, Roxie Huffman, 52, abusing them.

Officials say Phillips advised his eldest child had taken video and photographs of another juvenile being abused sometime in the past week. Phillips said the juvenile had sent the photos and video to a friend who sent them to the juvenile’s mother, Britney Fisher. Phillips also said Fisher had sent him the pictures and video on the same date.

Authorities say Phillips then showed the officers a 12-second video of a white female allegedly screaming at one of the juveniles while holding his head down inside a toilet bowl. The same juvenile could be seen struggling to get away. Another juvenile walked into the frame while the same woman supposedly screamed foul language and repeatedly yelling “DO YOU SEE THAT!” while forcibly pushing the other juvenile’s head into the toilet.

Authorities also say Phillips then showed the officers eight photographs of injuries to the juvenile. Four allegedly showed small bleeding lacerations to the forehead. Two showed bleeding lacerations to the back of the neck. Two showed a bleeding scratch and abrasion to the throat and left collarbone. Phillips said the same juvenile is diagnosed with Addison’s Disease and Epilepsy.

The affidavit also states DCS was contacted and DCS Family Case Worker, Alexandra Norman, met with the officers. Norman allegedly advised all four juveniles were wards of the state and had been placed with Huffman.

A welfare check was performed, and Huffman allegedly consented. Officers state they recognized the heavy odor of urine and feces. The feces appeared to be rodent feces and puddles of animal urine were observed in a room adjacent to the kitchen with gnats observed in the kitchen and living room.

After observing the bathroom that appeared in the video, the affidavit states Huffman’s body type and voice matched the white female in the video.

Officials also state while Norman spoke with the children, Huffman spoke with officers outside. Huffman was supposedly asked how long the children had been placed with her, which she replied since September of 2022. After asking if the children bicker and fight, Huffman allegedly stated, “Yeah, they do.” Huffman then stated she has had problems with one juvenile rough housing with another and on Mother’s Day, one juvenile shoved another’s head down a trash can.

After being told there were no injuries, Huffman allegedly stated she gave the offending juvenile a long lecture, made him stand in the corner and gave him another long lecture.

After being asked if there was any further punishment, Huffman said “No.” After trying to get more details about the toilet, officers asked Huffman if she had pushed the juvenile’s head into the toilet to which she replied, “No.” After being told the officers had video of her shoving the juvenile’s head into the toilet, Huffman stated “No.” and she did not have anything else to say.

All the juveniles were placed with a family member in a different home by DCS. Huffman was transported to the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center where she is being held without bond for the charges of Domestic Battery in the Prescence of a Child Less Than 16 years of Age and Neglect of Dependent.