HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – The University of Evansville (UE) says Jack Deig created a Hydration Station as a way to provide water dispensing stations that would empower and educate young people to initiate green projects within their communities.

UE says during a dedication ceremony on October 9, the first outdoor Hydration Station was revealed on the University of Evansville campus. Officials say Hydration Stations are no-contact public water refilling stations, offering free access to filtered water for all members of the community.

A news release says originally a solo endeavor, Deig tirelessly sought funding and sponsors to bring his vision to life while working on the project in UE’s ChangeLab program. “Hydration Station” has grown into a team of five individuals, with their inaugural indoor station now operational at Patchwork Central. An additional station is in the works along the downtown Evansville riverfront in partnership with the Evansville Water Sewer Utility (EWSU).

UE says these stations are equipped to provide unlimited refills to anyone with a reusable bottle, aligning with Deig’s philosophy that “you can’t abuse a Hydration Station.” This project is a nonprofit led by Deig and is described as “a labor of love.” Officials say Deig envisions expansion throughout the city and potentially even across the nation in the coming years. He is inviting individuals to join him on this transformative mission and explore the message and impact of “Hydration Station.”

For more information about “Hydration Station” and how people can get involved, they are asked to please visit this website.