EVASNVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Today was the first Friday of Lent this year, which means “Fish Fry Season” is now underway.

Resurrection Catholic Church on Evansville’s westside held its fish fry Friday night. Some may wonder — why do many Christians focus on eating fish on Fridays?

According to U.S. Catholic, Friday is a day of reflection and self-sacrifice, allowing Christians to ask forgiveness for their sins. Abstaining from meat is a symbolic ‘stay of execution’ for cattle, pigs and sheep.

Saint Patrick’s Day also falls on a Friday this year and that leaves some Catholics wondering if they need to abstain from eating meat during the holiday.

In a statement, Bishop William Medley with the Owensboro Diocese says parishioners who choose to eat meat on Saint Patrick’s Day should do another act of self-sacrifice with the spirit of Lent in its place.