EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — With the help of Flock security cameras, police were able to identify the suspect believed to have caused the hit-and-run death of Kevin Bumpus.

Flock Safety security cameras are motion activated still cameras that can read a license plate and collect vehicle details.

That information can be compared to data bases for amber alerts, stolen vehicles and more.

“Flock Safety is currently helping law enforcement across the country solve about six percent of reported crimes,” explains Holly Beilin, Head of PR for Flock Safety. “And this ranges from everything from stolen vehicles to violent crimes, to things like this hit-and-run and property crimes. It’s really across the board.”

Evansville has dozens of these cameras across the city, but have not disclosed their locations. Funeral arrangements have been set and a private burial will be held for Kevin Bumpus.